Bosman Watermanagement is known for its quick and adequate service. We have a maintenance and service department standing ready seven days a week and 24 hours a day that operates from Piershil.

For Bosman Water Management employees, service is more than just a promise; it is an integral part of our commitment to our customers. Whether it's an overnight delivery of equipment in an emergency, or extra hours of work to ensure that our equipment is well maintained and ready for rental, excellent service to our customers is a core value.

We have built decades on our reputation for unparalleled service.



Do you have a service report? Please contact us as soon as possible via: + 31 (0) 186 60 60 15

Even outside office hours you can reach us via our service report number: +31 (0) 6 55 723 960

Would you like to ask us a question about our service offer through the computer? Please do not hesitate to fill in the service form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Service, our experience is the solution for your product

Maintenance contract

In many cases, regular maintenance prevents malfunctions in installations. Bosman Watermanagement can carry out maintenance work on its own installations but also on installations supplied by third parties. The Bosman Water Management maintenance contract can be concluded for, among other things, mechanical installations, hydraulic installations, electrical installations, software, security with a maintenance contract, professional maintenance of your installation, fixed prices per year, extension of the life of the installation and clear reporting of the activities carried out and the state of maintenance.

Research & Expertise

For old installations, the necessary information is often lacking or additional requirements are imposed. We have specialists to carry out expert appraisals and inspections on these types of installations, who assess the installations with special measuring tools. From here we can respond to your wishes, for example by a unique design, advice, overhaul or the supply of spare parts.

Renovation & Revisions

Bosman Watermanagement is the supplier for overhauling and possibly increasing the capacity of existing pumping and purification installations. A great deal of hydraulic knowledge, extensive experience in overhauling and adapting pump and purification installations and the provision of innovative solutions have determined the success of Bosman Watermanagement in the field of overhauls and renovations.


Bosman Watermanagement specialises in the design, construction and overhaul of pumping and purification systems. Hydraulic calculation of existing pumping installations (also from other manufacturers) and piping systems. Mechanical calculation of pumps and drive trains with regard to (torsional) vibrations and wear and tear, advising on revision and capacity increase, adapting and/or improving existing designs, fitting new pump hydraulics or pump types into existing civil constructions. We are happy to do it for you!