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Bosman Water Management has
a rich knowledge and experience of water control
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Bosman Water Management has
a rich knowledge and experience of water control
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Pumping stations

Treatment plants

Renovation & Revisions

Bosman Watermanagement

Are you looking for unique and high-quality technical solutions for water pumping stations and treatment plants? For more than 90 years, Bosman Watermanagement has been a specialist in the water management field.

Since 1929, this family company has developed and manufactured water pumps for various applications in the Dutch polders. At first, this was at a small scale; but over the years, Bosman Watermanagement has grown to be a full-size company with fifty employees (and counting).

Over the years, Bosman Watermanagement has gained tons of knowledge and experience. That is why we are experts in our field. Our solution-oriented approach has made us the no. 1 solution provider in the water management industry. We will always aim to give our clients the best advice.

Furthermore, we focus on expanding and revising the capacity of existing pump stations and treatment plants. Researching and developing (new) products is also one of our priorities.

If you are looking for custom and environmentally friendly solutions, you have come to the right place!

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