Beveron Mixed Flow Concrete Volute Pump


Based on years of experience in the design and construction of concrete snail shell pumps, Bosman Watermanagement has developed the Beveron: a mixed flow pump with impressive performance and a low noise level.
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Ideal use

The Beveron is suitable for new constructions as well as renovations of pumping stations. The pump is available in a series of 29 standard modules covering a range of filtration speeds from 3 to 30m³/sec and heads between 1 and 10m. The Beveron achieves a high level of hydraulic efficiency due to perfectly matched components and its design ensures flow losses to be reduced to an absolute minimum. Moreover, Bosman Watermanagement has designed a unique suction box specifically for this pump that minimizes the required submersion depth.

The impeller is 3-bladed, half-open and cast from one piece which makes for a very durable product. The impeller is manufacturable out of  various materials so that it can correspond with the specified requirements for strength and corrosion resistance.

The volute has been specifically designed for the impeller and therefore has a very high hydraulic efficiency.  The volute features a trapezoidal flow surface with a levelled floor. It is produced out of concrete and can be delivered as prefabricated elements on request.

Suction box
The unique shape of the suction box has been designed specifically to reduce friction loss and the chance of vortices forming down to a bare minimum. These vortices bring air with them into the pump and this impairs the effectiveness of the pump. The special design of the suction box is the result of extensive computer simulations. Trials in the test centre subsequent to the simulations have proven the high performance of this design.

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