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As a 'solution supplier', we offer tailor-made solutions in the field of water management. Whether it concerns pumping or purification installations, Bosman Watermanagement provides you with the best advice. We can also provide well-founded advice on special water projects thanks to our many years of experience. We achieve the perfect end result by thinking along with you right from the start.

We can carry out the mechanical engineering disciplines completely under our own management. Where necessary, we work together with renowned subcontractors. Of course we pay attention to the environment. We are careful with our environment and work to achieve level 3 on the CO2 performance ladder.

In addition to environmentally conscious customization in the field of pump and purification systems, we supply and install various products from other manufacturers. Bosman Watermanagement guarantees eighty-five years of experience, extensive expertise and an enormous ability to solve problems. The four key values are always central to us. The four key values stand for Customer, Knowledge, Quality and Short delivery time.

Bosman Watermanagement is a family business founded in 1929 that specializes in tailor-made products in the water management sector. Bosman Watermanagement specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of high quality pump installations for irrigation and drainage applications.

With both standard and custom made pumping installations, Bosman is market leader in the field of pumping installations for polder pumping stations. In addition to pumping installations, Bosman is also an important player in the field of water treatment, with a focus on aeration and filtration. The company is small and informal and is open and transparent to its clients. There is an intensive and long-term cooperation with TU Eindhoven.

Bosman has been operating abroad for a number of years. For example, Bosman has entered into distributor agreements with England, Russia and the United States. Also in 2012 a sister company was founded in Germany called Bosman Watermanagement GmbH.

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