Plate aerator

Plate aerator

This is an efficient and widely applied aeration system for biological treatment plants. This unique product is characterized by its high O2-capacity and durability. For more than 25 years, Bosman Watermanagement has continued to develop their Plate Aerator. To produce it, we use high-quality materials and special techniques, and we assess the performance of every aerator to ensure our aerators are of the highest quality.
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Bosman Watermanagement has installed more than 15,000 plate aerators for more than two hundred treatment plants. Some aerators have even been in operation for >20 years!

The aerators are attached to the bottom of the tank, which prevents the formation of anoxic zones due to sludge formation. Moreover, our aeration systems can aerate the entirety of the water column, which improves the oxygenation efficiency.

Every unit is closeable using a ball valve. This ensures the system’s safety and reliability.

Based on our client’s data and our own dimensioning software, we can produce a custom aeration solution for every treatment plant.


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Plate aerator rental

Bosman Watermanagement can also use extra plate aeration temporarily. To take care of extra aeration capacity, we have got the following components:

  • plate aerators, built together on frame constructions
  • connecting pipework
  • complete blower installations with potentially an aggregate

To provide temporary aeration capacity, we developed special frame constructions with respectively four or six plate aerators, which we can easily apply to existing aeration basins. Also, we can supply a large amount of pipework out of stock.

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