VISION-CV fish-friendly pump


The Vision Pump is a fish-friendly pump, specifically developed with fish safety in mind.

The Vision Pump is a fish-friendly pump, specifically designed to ensure the safe passage of fish. The Vision-CV can be used for drainage and irrigation applications, and it is available in a range of standard modules with capacities ranging from 12-360 m³/min.


Preventing harm to fish populations was the main goal we had in mind whilst developing the Vision Pump. Research showed that when fish bump into blades of regular pumps, they can get stuck in cracks or injure themselves by its rough surfaces.

By using a mixed-flow fan with just one fish-friendly blade, housed in a concrete shell in which the mouth is far away from the blades, we were able to create a fish-friendly pump.

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Vision-CV properties

  • Fish-friendliness proven with extensive research
  • Low-resistance suction chamber
  • Fish-friendly mixed-flow fan with one blade
  • No splitter blades; fish-friendly housing with a rounded mouth
  • Readily removable vertical pump
  • Eco-friendly water-lubricated lower bearing and seal
  • Made from durable and corrosion-resistant materials
  • Compact
  • Low noise
  • Low-depth installation

Projects with this product

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