VISION-CV fish-friendly pump


The Vision pump, an extremely fish-friendly pump type, specially developed to allow fish migration through a pumping station.
Ideal use

The Vision-CV is a fish-friendly pump, specially designed to allow fish to flow through a pumping station. The Vision is suitable for pumping stations and is available in a range of standard modules with a capacity of approximately 12-300 m³/min.

Fish Friendly

The main objective of the development of the Vision pump was to prevent damage to fish stocks during the pumping of surface water. Research has shown that fish collide with the blades, get trapped in narrow crevices or can rub against a rough surface.

By using a mixed-flow impeller with only one fish-friendly shaped blade in combination with a concrete snail shell where the tongue is far from the blade, an extremely fish-friendly design has been achieved.

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Features & benefits of the Vision pump

  • Fish-friendliness demonstrated with extensive test
  • Low resistance suction chambers
  • One bladed fish friendly mixed-flow impeller
  • Fish friendly volute
  • Easily removable vertical pump installation
  • Best fish friendly pump ever tested, 100% fish friendly
  • Durable materials
  • Compact design
  • Low noise profile
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Projects with this product

3 pumping stations on Texel
Pumping station Putten
gemaal De Broekhuizen
Pumping station de Broekhuizen