Leursche Haven and Laaksche Vaart Pumping Stations

On the 21st of April 2020, the Leursche Haven and Laaksche Vaart pumping stations were delivered.

Both of these pumping stations, in addition to a nearby floodgate, protect the region from potential flooding.

The pumping stations are part of the ‘Regionale keringen’ project of the Brabantse Delta, with Boskalis as its main contractor.

Bosman Watermanagement has installed three fish-friendly pumps in the Laaksche Vaart pumping station, each with a capacity of 220 m3/minute. In the Leursche Haven pumping station, we have installed one vision pump with a capacity of 231 m3/min.

The pumps are operated by efficient permanent magnet motors by DAC Electric.

Bosman Watermanagement has not only manufactured the pumps for this treatment plant but has also designed and engineered the entire mechanical installation.

The electrical systems were all designed and delivered by our partner Vlaar Techniek. We enjoyed our collaboration with the Brabantse Delta water board, Boskalis, Sweco, and Vlaar Techniek.