Flexbed Filter

Flexbed Filter

The Flexbed Filter is a cost-efficient filter for the removal of suspended solids from wastewater streams.
Ideal use

The power of the Flexbed Filter lies in the Flexbed Ball. This unique filter medium is compressible and porous, giving the Flexbed Filter a number of special properties. One of these is that it can achieve a very high filtration rate. Due to the innovative properties of the Flexbed Ball at this speed, which can be as high as 100 m³/m²/h, it can still stop and store suspended solids. The ball can also expand due to its compressibility. This loosens the dirt in the pores of the ball. In this way, the balls can be washed with simply dirt-influent water and air.

The Flexbed Filter has a modular construction, making it a very flexible, compact system. The Flexbed Filter is also available in a wide variety of sizes. All this means that the Flexbed Filter can be used for many different applications.


To solve your temporary problems with suspended matter, we have Flexbed Filter units available for rental with capacities from 5 to 400 m³/hour.


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