Renovation & Revision

Renovation & Revision

Bosman Watermanagement is the preferred supplier for overhauling and increasing the capacity of existing pumping and treatment installations.

A great deal of hydraulic knowledge, extensive experience in overhauling and adapting pump and purification installations and the provision of innovative solutions have determined the success of Bosman Watermanagement in the field of overhauls and renovations.

Bosman Watermanagement has experience in overhauling and adjusting the capacity of pump products:

  • Jaffa
  • Pannevis
  • Stork Pumps
  • Wiegersma & Batstra
  • Den Holder
  • Louis Smulders
  • Worthington

Thanks to the thorough approach, knowledge and experience, customers have learned to trust that problems are always taken seriously and adequately solved.

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