Temporary aeration at Middelharnis WWTP


In 2001, the WWTP (sewage treatment plant) was commissioned with a design capacity of 52,800 p.e. and a hydraulic capacity of up to 1,800 m³/hr. The system is an ultra-low load activated sludge system of the carousel type.

Because aeration tank 2 was being cleaned and an inspection of the thrusters had to be carried out, it was necessary to temporarily install 145 KG/h extra aeration capacity in aeration tank 1. We have a standard solution with plate aerators and compressors, which can be delivered from stock. So there is no need to worry.

The existing aeration circuit is only 2.5 meters deep, but because of the design of the frame construction, the highest possible height of the oxygen bubbles can still be achieved.

The temporary plate aerator installation was developed at the time to realize extra aeration capacity at the conversion of the Zwijndrecht WWTP. The mobile aeration unit has proven its worth many times in recent years, and could now be installed again at the Hollandse Delta water board. The task of the Hollandse Delta Water Board this time was not only the delivery and installation of the plate aerators, but also the corresponding compressor installation and the power supply. The power supply was this time arranged using a diesel generator with a 2400 liter fuel tank. The complete installation is equipped with a digital control system, so that it can be monitored from our headquarters in Piershil. Any malfunctions are then reported immediately via SMS.

The aeration installation will be operational for approximately 4 weeks, after which it will be dismantled and available again for a new assignment.