Bar Screen Cleaner De Logt Pumping Station

As well as fish-friendly pumps and aerators, we also manufacture automatic bar screen cleaners. Not long ago, we installed our RHR bar screen cleaner at the De Logt water pumping station.

This cleaner is completely hydraulic and has no moving parts under water, making it extremely reliable.

The De Logt pumping station was built in 1998 and has two BVOP-pumps that work many hours every year.

Aquatic plants and other suspended materials can be sucked towards the pumping station while it is in operation. This is kept at bay by a grate, to prevent the pump from getting clogged or damaged.

Removal of items from the grate is of paramount importance to ensure the optimal performance of the pumps. Previously, plants and other debris were removed manually. Because this required intensive manual labour, a fully automated system improved the situation tremendously.

That is why Bosman Watermanagement B.V. has installed an RHR bar screen cleaner after it was commissioned by the Den Dommel water board.