Bar Screen Cleaner PS De Logt

In addition to (fish-friendly) pumps and plate aerators, Bosman Watermanagement also has automatic grid rake cleaners in its product range.

Bosman Watermanagement recently installed an RHR type grid rake cleaner at the De Logt pumping station.

This cleaner operates fully hydraulically and has no rotating parts under water, making it extremely reliable.

PS De Logt was built in 1998 and is equipped with two BVOP pumps that run for many hours each year.
Water plants and other floating debris are pulled towards the pumping station from a large distance during the rotation and are stopped at the pumping station by a duckweed fence, to prevent the pump from becoming blocked or damaged.
In the old situation of the pumping station, the waste was manually removed from the duckweed fence with a duckweed rake.
For the functioning of the pumping station, timely cleaning of the duckweed fence is very important.
However, manual cleaning is heavy work and can be necessary at any time of the day or even at night.

Commissioned by Waterschap Den Dommel, Bosman therefore installed an automatically working duckweed fence cleaner of the RHR type. The duckweed fence is now cleaned automatically day and night.