RHR Bar Screen Cleaner in D’n Doolhof

At the start of 2022, we installed a bar screen cleaner (type RHR5000) at the D’n Doolhof pumping station. This cleaner is completely hydraulic and has no moving submerged parts. This makes it incredibly reliable.

D’n Doolhof makes sure that the area of land behind the pumping station is irrigated in times of drought. To prevent its pumps from getting clogged or damaged, the pumping station makes use of a grate to keep aquatic plants or suspended objects away from the pumps. This grate was cleaned manually by water board employees multiple times a day, which is a labour-intensive task.

To ensure the continuous operation of the pumping station, and to make work for the employees easier, we have installed an automatic bar screen cleaner. This project was commissioned by the Aa and Meuse water board.

We would like to thank this water board, as well as Modderkolk Projects & Maintenance BV and Van der Aa for this collaboration. We look forward to any future collaborations.