Haanwijk Pumping Station

Upon request of De Kuiper Infrabouw, Bosman Watermanagement revised and expanded the capacity of the pumps in the Haanwijk pumping station managed by Hoogheemraadschap De Stichtse Rijnlanden.

The existing BVOP 35 pumps had a capacity of 21 m3/min each, and have been replaced with fish-friendly Vision 35CV pumps with an increased capacity of 25 m3/min each.

The fish-friendly aspects of the Vision pumps also make these pumps less susceptible to clogging or damage due to aquatic plants. Aquatic plants are quite prominent in this area, and therefore Vision 35CV pumps offer a good solution for this pumping station.

During the renovation, the tubing, accessories, and electrical installation has been replaced. The housing above the pump has been replaced by a stylish superstructure, and ventilation has been fitted.

The Haanwijk pumping station regulates water from the Haanwijker Achtervliet through the Haanwijker Voorboezem on the Rhine in North Brabant.