GS axial flow pump


The GS pump is an attractive solution for water displacement in areas with moderate ground level differences.
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Ideal use

This pump type is available in capacities from approx. 4 to 120 m³/minute with a delivery head up to approx. 6 metres. The reliable pump concept is extremely easy to install and is characterized by low maintenance. Precisely because of the latter aspects, the pump has built up a very good reputation in the field of polder drainage of low areas, as well as irrigation and the pumping of waste water.

Principle GS

This pump is of a simple construction and designed for low maintenance. The combination of the pump housing and the suction chamber with the impeller and the underlying guide vanes ensure trouble-free water displacement. The pump housing can be supplied with or without standpipe and integral delivery elbow. The lantern ring with electric motor and shaft coupling is placed on the delivery elbow. The design of the pump unit support is determined by the pump station configuration.

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